CPA Specializing in Eldercare Management and Senior Financial Services

5 Point Eldercare Plan

Eldercare – Senior Financial Care

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA helps seniors understand how to make the best choices for their lives and personal situations. As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Marcia assists seniors to balance lifestyle goals and financial needs, making choices that will ensure their security and quality of life while maintaining the maximum independence possible. Helping clients plan for unexpected contingencies, safeguard assets, and secure special care and services if required, she also serves as an intermediary in case of family disputes or helping the children of aging parents with financial matters.

Clients benefit from the following customized services:

  • Monitoring Personal Finances, Banking, Investments, and Insurance
  • Taxes and Estate Planning
  • Financial Review after the Death of a Spouse
  • Consultation on Lifestyle Decisions

The 5-Point Eldercare Financial Plan


As your Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Marcia’s goal is to give you and your loved ones complete assurance and peace of mind. The team at Marcia L. Campbell, CPA works with you to assess your needs, identifies resources and provides service with five steps. 

1.    Evaluation – We do an overall appraisal of the senior’s financial, health and general well-being. Matching lifestyle goals with resources, we make recommendations of care.

2.    Resources – Care is provided to the elderly clients including day-to-day services and financial management including trust accounting and taxes.

3.    Organizing – Keeping track and comprehending all of the paperwork involved with eldercare can be overwhelming. We help caregivers sort through the paperwork and know which documents are necessary.

4.    Managing – An emergency is the worst time to try to locate long term care health insurance, Power of Attorney and other necessary documentation. Although it may be difficult for caregivers to discuss financial and health directives with their aging parents, we save time and frustration by planning ahead ensuring a continuum of care.

5.    Protective Oversight – We don’t just sit idle after we’ve created a plan of action. Things change and we review and recommend a course of action that is best for the senior. We also provide a level of security against financial predators.